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The DBA Foundation has qualified for a unique and exciting opportunity! We are competing in the Chase Community Giving Program and have a chance to win between $10,000 – $250,000! Over $5 million will be awarded to the top 196 charities receiving the most votes during September 6-19. This amount of money would have a huge impact on our organization and the research we could fund!

There are 7,000 organizations we are competing against and the animal shelter ones all have celebrity endorsers. We just have the parents and patients dealing with DBA.

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Diamond Blackfan Anemia is an orphan disease.  “orphan disease” describe diseases that are neglected by doctors, but  more specifically the term orphan disease is used to designate diseases that affect only small numbers of individuals (so-called health orphans).There is no satisfactory definition of an orphan disease. In the USA it is defined as one that affects fewer than 200 000 individuals. Well, DBA affects about 1,ooo… WORLD WIDE.

Yeah. Whoa….

When my daughter was born, there was only ONE gene identified and it WAS’NT hers. The rarity of this orphan disease meant it was up to us DBA families as a community to raise funds and awareness for research into this disease. Today they have identified almost 10 genes and unlocked many mysteries behind those three little letters, DBA. Some that are even pointing towards a cure for cancer.  Without the minimal research that has been done so far, it is NO DOUBT that my daughter would NOT be alive today

We WERE in the top 5 a few days ago but we keep getting bumped down. The most upsetting part is the vast majority of the groups beating us, are animal shelter and animal rights groups. They have celebrity endorsers that are tweeting  for the shelter and BAM, their fans flood the site with votes. Please don’t get me wrong.. I LOVE ANIMALS. We have NINE rescue dogs.. a rescued rabbit…a rescued turtle and get this… a pig. Yes… a friggin pig. Sheldon is our housepet now, and not someones pork roll egg and cheese sammich. SO we support shelters but humans lives are at stake here… I kinda would like to think that our children who are sick and some even dying out rank an animal. No matter how sad and depressing the images look and how wistful and angelic Sarah Mclachlan sings… our kids and loved ones suffering with DBA are more important!

13 years of DBA