Oh my.. Januarys Cravebox was literally just what the doctors ordered. HEALTH. VITALITY. PREVENTION!

It seems Cravebox is in cahoots with my Primary Care Physician, Gastroenterologist and Rheumatologist. IMG_0769

As I am in my 39th year and my 40th birthday is looming ahead it is no surprise to me that my body, that ran on empty and burned the candle at both ends for the last 12 years or more has finally told me to “F off!” And although Cravebox planned the theme for this months box to coincide with the New Year and its associations with resolutions of better diets, less french fries and more cardio, for me, its timing is apropos more out of medical necessity.

First out of the box was a Switch2Health STEP Pedometer with Points. IMG_0780This little contraption measures your steps and you accrue points which can be used to get cool stuff on their website! If I put it on Charlie, my perpetual motion boy, I could probably buy the whole Switch2Health company…(retail value $24.99)

Seriously, do the Cravebox folks stalk me? Do they have little Cravelets that follow their members around and document the things that they linger over in the store? The things that they would LOVE to try, but never put themselves or their wants first? Or even 72nd?IMG_0773 Joe has told me no less than 5 times to get the box of these Emergen-C vitamin supplements at BJs every time he catches me staring at them longingly… but then I feel all guilty and remember someone needs a :insert ANY random thing our children claim as a NEED: and before we get to the register I have surreptitiously removed the box from the cart. So, now there are no excuses. And now that I know how FREAKIN DELICIOUS they are, there is no WAY I wont grab the case of them at the store. I hate water, but I need to drink it. Lots and lots of it. And now, I get my water AND 24 nutrients, 7 B vitamins, antioxidants and electrolytes!  Go me! Getting all healthy and junk! (retail value $4.99)

My next little bit of Cravalisiousness is hands down one of my most all time, absolute favorite things to cook with…ever. Other than garlic. IMG_0781Colavita Extra Virgin Olive Oil. So good in so many ways. Its delicious. Its healthy. And its a great start to one of the most simple, quick, easy, romantic, surprise, at-home-date-nights ever. Get a fresh crusty loaf of Italian bread. A bottle of wine. Your most favoritest person in the whole wide world. (mine would be Joe!)Throw a little red pepper flakes, oregano, basil, rosemary, kosher salt and garlic on a dish, pour a little olive oil over it and dip the bread in it while you sip your wine and watch whatever tv show your kids let you. Delizioso! (no approx. retail value on the 5oz sample bottle)

For the second month in a row, Mèreadesso has gone and lavished us with elegance, this time in the way of Face and Neck Toning Gel.

IMG_0782To be honest, I cannot wear beauty products on my face and loathe most lotions and creams, no matter how natural, because they all, to me, feel cloying and smothering…not to mention they tend to make me break out, but this gel is COMPLETELY DIFFERENT! It goes on like silk.. cool silk. It absorbs almost instantly and leaves no slimy, oily residue. I don’t feel like I have smeared a greasy mask on my face and it leaves my skin so soft… I love the fact that there is essentially no scent. Its just the faint scent of vitamins. Not particularly pleasant, but there is a purpose! It is designed that way to not compete with your perfume! Those folks at Mèreadesso are genius! The moment I tested this gel, I knew it was some high quality beauty care, but this bottle actually cost $120.00. WHOA! I know, right? But, its got me hooked, and as I begrudgingly deal with and accept my aging skin, I am the first to admit, THIS is something I would spend that kind of money on. (retail value $120.00)

Last but not least, at the bottom of my Cravebox was a Prevention magazine, and a message that we were receiving an ENTIRE YEARS SUBSCRIPTION! How awesome is THAT? IMG_0785This made me the most happy, actually. I have been painfully honest with all you readers about my recent experiences (come on, who did not laugh at my “If mommy has to pull over, don’t look…ok?”) as I deal with my own health issues and the pending diagnosis of some type of auto-immune arthritic disorder. Chronic pain, absent D vitamin, swollen, nearly immoveable joints, portions of intestine and random organs that up and died and needed to be removed. I am a smorgasbord of medical maladies. And a veritable enigma to my doctors. Each who have “Figured it out!” Each figuring something different. Its like a game. But every time someone guesses wrong, I get another part of my body scoped, or prodded. The only person loosing here is ME! Im loosing my sanity! (retail value $12.00)

This first issue already dealt with things relevant to my life right now and I can only see it getting better. I promised myself, my husband and my children to deal with a potentially devastating diagnosis with grace, dignity and a positive outlook on life. Minimal tears, limited bitching and no Pity Me Parties whatsoever. I can’t thank Cravebox enough for sending out this VITALITY Cravebox at a time when I really need it most. It truly helped me keep my thoughts in focus and my “Eye on the Prize!” The prize being, me, healthy!

To wrap it all up, that is about $170.00 worth of absolutely amazing, top notch products that EVERYONE can use. There is not one item in this box that I though to myself “Ugh…really???” And for the simple investment of $10 each month, there is NO WAY I am giving up my slot in the Cravebox program!

So, ladies..KEEP CRAVING!