All right, I have to talk about this. Because its been on my mind. I know.. I know… hey, she has a mind. Who knew.. yeah, you’re funny. NOT!

BUT.. this week my friends at Shespeaks are hosting a Tide Coldwater Twitter party to spread the word about Coldwater Tide detergent.

This to me is.. gasp.. sacrilege.

       Having had a kid go through a transplant, life was all about bleach and boiling the shit out of anything and everything I could shove in my washing machine. I mop in wellies with bleach and scalding hot water and my hot water heater is on its second heating coil in 8 years. ( I have a back up coil hanging right above it in the basement too) Hand me downs are imperative in this house. The longevity of my clothes are the only reason most of my kids don’t go to school naked.  To me the only way to get it clean is to use HOT water, and Tide with bleach or just bleach. Ask Joe. I make him nuts over the whole detergent issue. He gets whatever is on sale and says “But is was cheaper!” and TylerLee is in the background going “that stuff Dad got SMELLLLS SOOOOO GOOOOD!” and Im screaming “Out! Out DAMN SPOT!” and dousing the laundry in 2 scoops of the blasphemous cheaper detergent, OxyClean, Borax, a table spoon of bleach and some hydrogen peroxide for good measure. Its not beneath me to burn sage, pray to Padre Pio and curse the existence of anything BUT Tide with BLEACH. I buy bleach 3 gallons at a time. (and  yes, store brand bleach is not as pure as Clorox, it takes 2 cups of store brand for the same results as 1 of Clorox)

If anyone could be the ambassador for Tide with bleach detergent it would be ME. It cleans unlike any other detergent I have ever used. Or been forced to use by my frugal husband. I have an almost religious dedication to the stuff.

But, because I love Shespeaks and I trust their judgment and because I believe in the P&G Future Friendly movement, I just may be willing to give it a try.

Joe, my hot water heater and my electric bill will greatly appreciate it too, if in fact I become one of the converted.

Ill let you know after Thurdays nights Twitter Party  so check out this link:

Sign up with SheSpeaks and join me Thursday night. I plan on asking a TON of questions to the other ladies that participated in the Tide Coldwater trial about stain removal, whiteness,  color brightness and stain removal. Did I already mention stain removal? Yeah, well… it’s a big issue round these parts. Trust me.

a BIG issue.