What can I say… I like suprises… Not surprises like “Honey, how do you feel about TEN kids? SURPRISE!!!” Or, “Look, babe, I rescued ANOTHER Chihuahua! SURPRISE!” Or “Mommmmy! Look what I found in my diaper! SURPRISE!!!!”

But a CRAVEBOX surprise!

Cravebox is the creation of SheSpeaks, an amazing website full of fun stuff, great opportunities and awesome people! For a subscription price of $10.00 a month you get a “Cravebox” full of surprises JUST FOR YOU!!




Im talking purely frivolous, wanton, egregious, mommy surprises…sent to your mailbox once a month, hopefully to arrive while all your kids are in school so you can enjoy your goodies, unlike me who practically shoved whatever she could find in her mouth before the kids could even finishing asking “Mom? What are you chewing” “NUFFIN!” (crunch, crunch)

Things like…




(approximate retail value $3.00 at local grocery)




(couldn’t find an approximate $)

Perugina Dark Chocolate with Almonds, its like they peeked into my deepest darkest dreams and KNEW that I love almonds, but more than that I LUST dark chocolate!!!! Together its like a dirty dream, you wake up blushing from! And the Baci balls… OMG! I blush just typing that… But imagine putting them in your mouth! ::gasp!::

Dark chocolate, hazlenuts! ::swoon::

Can it get any better than that? HELL YES IT CAN!

And it DID!


(approximate cost $5-7.00 on Amazon.com)

A Nic Stick from OPI in the awesome color “Stick With me” color. This nude color is perfect for me because although my personality screams “HAZZAH!!!!” my choice in nail color usually never does. In fact, if I wear anything, its my atypical Gun Metal Grey or a French Mani in a nude color. So, truly, a perfect choice for me! This nail color stick is PERFECT for a Manical Mommy on the Go like me! Just a few pumps, brush it on and  “WALLA!” ( I know its voilà but once I saw someone type WALLA, and when I was done changing my pants I peed in from laughing so hard,  I committed it to memory to use in the future. )

Chocolate AND Nailpolish! Does the majesty never end?

Well.. No… not yet anyway!


(Retail value per set approx. $4.99 at Staples)

BiC for Her. retractable Ball Point Pens In fancy colors and inks!

Say it ain’t so!

IT IS!!! IT IS!!!

Just in time too, because this year, with my kids teachers gift of butter, sugar, candied cherries and love all wrapped up and baked into a cookie, I decided to share a hand written cookie recipe and these pens will make that happen with smudge proof ink and flair!


Is there more? No… there can’t be… Oh, YES! THERE IS!!!!


mèreadesso Beautiful Body Balm.

(retail value of $54.00)

YES! FIFTY FOUR DOLLARS according to their website…


This isn’t a body cream, this isn’t a body butter, this is a body BALM!

Its like liquid life for dry, chapped winter skin. I put some on my hands and was astonished at the instant visible difference. Even my husband, who has dry skin, eyed this up, tried it and couldn’t believe the remarked difference in his skin. I can only imagine how a consistent regime of this balm will make my skin look and feel!

( I’m aiming for baby butt soft here, but I will settle for non Crypt Keeper Parchment paper skin)


And for an investment of just $10 dollars, I definitely got my monies worth.