My 14 year old son Cody hates spiders, any football team that has beat his beloved NY Giants, long sleeved shirts and onions.

       He wont go in the garage because to him that is a hotbed of spider activity. He wont even look up when the attic access panel is open because he thinks the spiders are stalking him and will jump down onto his face. His colorful outbursts  during a losing  Giants game have been heard by neighbors a block away. A skill he has apparently inherited from my sister who was once thrown out of our little brothers little  league game because her mouth tends to run like a sick birds butt during heated sporting events. Since Cody was about 8 years old, he has flat out REFUSED to wear a long sleeved shirt. (I do get him to pull a nice sweater on to pose for an annual Christmas photo, but I promise you, the second that flash bulb snaps, he pulls off that sweater like its made of acid.) And then there’s onions. If he hasn’t already flat out refused to eat the meal because of the onions, this boy has picked out every onion from tuna salad, pasta salad, heck ANYTHING with onions in it, with surgical like precision. His little piles of picked out items almost look like a side dish on his plate. Its maddening. But on Halloween this year he unknowingly ate massive amounts of onions in my potato leek soup.  And he LOVED IT! So when he asked what kind of soup it was (as he was slurping it down) I lied.

::hangs head in shame::

    Yes, I admit it. I lied to my son. OK…well it was a lie by omission but still a lie. (as I seem to lecture my 15 year old about on a weekly basis….) I told him it was simply potato soup. And about an hour after his second bowl he went back into the kitchen for a third….and I presume a fourth because by the time dinner came around, there was no soup left. But there was about 37 bowls in the sink (who knew I owned 37 bowls) and spoons…oh the spoons. There were soup spoons, teaspoons, fancy shaped sugar bowl spoons.  I was not surprised by the overflowing content of the kitchen sink because it has been well established in my house that one of the apparent unwritten rules my children have all chosen to live by include “Thou shalt not wash and reuse dishes and utensils.”

       I know your thinking, leeks? Really?? Come on… LEEKS???IMG_0062-1 Yeah, leeks. Those Godzilla scallions. How the heck am I gonna get my kids to eat LEEK SOUP? Well, let me tell you girlfriend, by the simple act of omission, you wont be able to get them to STOP eating it!

This soup is SO easy to make. Its quick too and makes you look like you actually know what the heck you are doing in the kitchen! (as always, this recipe is intended to feed a minimum of 10 people, so downsize as needed. I have a wicked head cold and am eyeball deep in Nyquil right now so math, never my strong suit to begin with would be a joke to attempt right now)IMG_0064-1

6 medium boiling potato, peeled and cubed (about 3 pounds)
6 garlic cloves, minced
3 medium onion, chopped fine
6 tablespoon butter
3 large leeks (trimmed of brown ends and chopped)
10 cups chicken broth

    (I use water and chicken broth concentrate paste. You could also use vegetable broth for a vegetarian version of this soup!)

salt and pepper to taste

sour cream (optional)


In the bottom of your soup pot, sauté the chopped onions and garlic in the butter until the onions are clear..


Add the chopped leeks and potatoes and continue to cook, stirring often, until leeks have softened.


Add broth and cook until the potatoes are just softened.

Using a stick blender, puree the soup until smooth.

***If you don’t have a stick blender, this could get messy… use a blender to blend a few cups of the soup at a time. I suggest buying a stick blender. They are inexpensive and oh, so useful! I have actually had mine for 12 years! I can’t even imagine how awesome and fancy the new ones are. Maybe Santa will surprise me this Christmas! ::hint hint honey!::

    Once blended thoroughly, season with salt and pepper to suit your liking. IMG_0079-1

   Here, we like the soup with a dollop of sour cream in the center. The kids LOVE it! (So do Joe and I!)

The day I made this soup was October 31. Usually Halloween and trick or treating, but where we live, the kids trick or treat the day before to make it possible for the townies to all attend the worlds 2nd largest Halloween parade held here in Toms River, NJ.

October 31st also happens to be my birthday… and later that afternoon, early evening-ish, I received a text from Cody, who was about 30 feet away from me in his bedroom.

“O BTW happy b-day”

To which I replied

“O BTW that soup you ate was potato leek soup…

Leeks are onions…”

God, I love being a mom ……

enjoy my friends …

live, love and laugh as always!