Who’s mom let them draw on the walls??? Surely not mine. Heck, she would call from the couch in  the other room “DONT EVEN THINK ABOUT IT!” before you even KNEW you were thinkin’ about it!

But for some reason only my children and God know, mine have a penchant for random, unexplained cave drawings. Theres the “hi!” drawn by the toilet paper holder in the downstairs bathroom with the teeny tiny heart on the exclamation point. Cant forget the “TylerLee was here” scrawled on a toy box, years ago, in Codys handwriting.(amazing how, according to Cody, TylerLee MUST have disguised her handwriting as Codys- using her 6 year old brains master deviousness in order to point the guilty finger at Cody.)Another heart puncuated “hi!” on the actual shower curtain in the upstairs kids bathroom. Then there is “KASEY” in orange nailpolish on the wall behind where the old computer desk was in the side game room. Apparently we needed dogfood one day and someone decided that rather than TELL me, or scribble it on a post it note, they decided to take a black Sharpie and write it on the doorway that we use to measure everyones growth spurts. If you are ever in my kitchen and you have the sudden desire to pick up dogfood on the way home, blame the subliminal messages scrawled on my wall…

I cant even tell you for how long I have been telling Joe I wanted to make a chalk wall in the kitchen. I had seen chalkboard paint somewhere and it stuck in my brain. And when an idea takes root, it never leaves. So while shopping at Lowes for all the stuff needed to redo the basement after the hurricaine, I grabbed a quart of chalkboard paint. Not the cheapest stuff on the planet at $15 for a quart, but you really don’t need much depending on the size of the project.



Using a mitre box and a hand saw are really the easiest way to cut the right angles for the frame.

Not much measuring needed AT ALL!

I choose 6ft x 5ft.


Measure out the space on the wall, fill, spackle and sand any holes or imperfections in the wall.


I put the trim up before painting just to make sure it all fit together.


Paint in the area.

I did three coats.


Assemble the trim and voila! You can now draw on your walls too!


Although  I highly recommend using “dust free” chalk…A lesson learned the hard-to-clean up way.

So hopefully there will be a multitude of benefits to this chalk wall.

Such as but not limited to…

A.) Teenagers can write “Im not talking to you mom, you ruined my life.” without actually having to talk to me to tell me that they are not talking to me and that I ruined their life.

B.) Mystery child with affinity for heart accented salutations (Jordyn) will have a place to write her little greetings in a more acceptable, less permenant way.

C.) Fun drawings and entertaining sayings (translate as inappropriate boy drawings and surly language) can be easily erased before Dad gets home.

D.) Reminders for things will be easily available and more visible. It will eliminate things like “OMG! I  TOLD you I needed 25 brownies for class tomorrow when you were in the shower with the radio on two weeks ago!”

Enjoy guys! It was fun and everyone in this house really enjoys it, even the perpetually miserable ones!