Its two days after Chrsitmas, about 3pm. There is 3+ feet of snow out there and drifts over 5ft. And its freakin beautiful. Sure, it destroyed yet ANOTHER back deck gazebo, sure the digging was epic(for Joe, I stayed inside and cleaned the house), heck I will even agree that its a little inconvenient. But you cant deny that its beautiful. Its gorgeous. its… pure, white, frozen miracles, each one completely different from the next. And as I stood outside in my polka dotted jammie pants, my Rutgers hoodie, my electric lime green Uggs and my totally weird, hard to explain, ski hat, taking pictures of Jordie and Kasey Mae, I learned a little something i never realized before…

It all started in December 1999. We had just had a house fire an lost absolutely everything to smoke damage. The fire, although contained to our kitchen, caused such an abundance of smoke, that it crept into every nook and cranny of our house. Everything had to be tossed out. We were able to save very little. It was also while Kylie was home. With 24hour nursing, a treach, non stop medical appointments and still not yet properly diagnosed. It was a rough year to say the least.After the fire we moved into a Residence Inn about 10 miles from our house. TJ, Cody and Tyler Lee were little bits. 3 1/2, 2 1/2 and 1 1/2. And it snowed. Boy, did it snow. We went to Sports Authority and got them all their very first ski suits. And while we were there we saw these odd contraptions called “Butt slides”. They were little scooped plastic thingies with straps and clips. We weren’t quite sure just how they worked, but we got them anyway. And what a great idea that was. You simply step into these things somewhat like a rock climbing harness, clip the strap and off you go. Walk up the hill, throw down onto your butt, and off you go sliding down the hill as if you had your own built in sled. Which, you actually do, Nothing to carry, complete and free movement. It is one of the most amazing inventions I have ever seen.

Now keep in mind this was in 1999, This is now 2010 and we STILL have 2 of the 3 we bought. I really need to find some more.

   So, there i go, out in the snow, to take pictures of MiMi and Meatieballie butt sliding down the driveway. As they are falling on their butts and sliding down the hill my first instinct is to say, BE CAREFUL! DONT FALL ! But then i realized that was the whole point of this. to run, fall on your ass, and ride that wave of ice, snow and diabolical laughter as far as it can take you. They were having a BLAST. They were laughing and smiling. Cheeks rosey from the cold air, hair all mussed and icy, hats and jackets all snow-y, It all made since just that very moment. You can actually fall right on your butt and ENJOY IT! Sometimes in our life, things happen and we literally and proverbially fall on our ass. We sit there , in out doom and gloom and get all mopey about our current position in life.Whining about being at the bottom.  But there were these two, falling down and enjoying the brief and tumultuous ride that followed. Its all about perspective. The had to trust that in falling down they were not going to be hurt, they had to believe that the ride was going to be fun. They had to know that a little bit of fear is a good thing. And they, in their 8 and 9 year old wisdom camouflaged as innocence, reminded me that sometimes the fall and the ride after, are actually a blessing and can be an enjoyment if you let it. So, as 2011 approaches I am prepared. We ALL KNOW that somewhere in this next year, I WILL fall and I will land right on my ass. But when I do, I will try and remember the girls, in the bright, sparkling sun, falling on their butts in peals

of laughter and giggling and grinning all the way down the hill to the bottom. Enjoying their fall all the way to the bottom, where they stand up, brush off, and trudge back up the hill with a smile on their face and a song in their heart, prepared to do it over and over again.

And thats EXACTLY what Im going to do!

So, as you get ready for the New Years, enjoy the falls and the hilkes back up the hill. The ride is TOTALLY worth it.

Live, love and laugh as much as possible EVERY DAY!

❤ H