well..gooooolllllly kids.. its been FOREVER! Yes, its me.. Im still alive despite it having been summer vacation ie: hell at my house.. And hell is an understatement. No lie, i swear that if you were to view the the East Coast of the United States from the space shuttle, NJ would look just like a peice of bacon. Well.. a peice of bacon with an oompa loompa on it. Thank you Snooki. This summer we have been super crazy. Kylie did decide to take a brief hiatus at Robert Wood Johnson Hospital for about 5 days in late May early June because of some severe neck pain.. to be on the safe side we had to rule out things like blood clots adn skeletal disorders. She still gets sore, but so far this summer she has had no complaints while at camp. Kylie has been staying with friends, The Willmans this summer so that she can attend an amazing camp in Tinton Falls. As much as we miss her, the opportunity for her is by far more important then how much I miss my little peanut. She only misses her puppy Kazoo anyway…. In fact, I made Kazoo a Facebook page so that she can keep in touch with her little buddy. We attended the DBA week of Camp SUnshine 2010 edition and barely survived the experience! No… honestly it was a humbling and blessed experience yet again. Our “families’ have all grown and changed.. We added some new families and sadly have lost some as well. I always say, having DBA is like being a member of a club that no one wants to be a part of BUT membership does have its priveledges…. and meeting these folks is definately one of those priveledges. I have to skedaddle, but I PROMISE i will be back sooner arather then later to update everyone on the joys of being home all summer with 8 kids, 8 dogs and a rabbit. I know.. I know … your all jealous, right?
Love you all!