Well, here we are. Yes, I did try to blog back in 06, but that plan fell thru like Octomoms neither regions. And no.. I don’t mean me! I was preparing for my hysterectomy and thought… quite foolishly, that my recovery time would afford me voids in my day that would need to be filled and for me blogging was the perfect void filler. HA! Almost three full years later I think I wrote, what… 7 entries?MAX? Well, since then I have lived three years chock full of calamities and comedies, serendipitous moments as well as sympathetic ones…We have laughed .. we have cried..Kylie had a few scares, minimal compared to her past. We lost Joes dad, Sonny, or as the kids call PopPop New York to cancer. And then there was Joes trip down health issue highway, exit : Thyroid cancer. That one really threw us for a loop. In between each big drama, were little dramas, but in between the little dramas were always a whole lot of laughs. We got a few extra doggies and have expanded our family to five little fluffy cretins who never fail to warm our hearts with their unconditional love, and warm our pillows with their lazy butts. So, here I go. You all know about my Facebook page- username Tenkids2dogs, Kylies CaringBridge website at www.caringbridge.org/nj/kyliejae and my smattering of posts to livejournal.com- username tenkids2dogs . Kylies blog has gotten almost 188,000 hits. Yes. That’s right… one hundred and eighty eight THOUSAND hits! I am humbled and honored to have so many readers/friends/stalkers. But, as her transplant has remained engrafted for over 4 years now and her Diamond Blackfan Anemia has lulled us into a complacent “life is good” mood, I thought it would be best to separate my “writings” from her CaringBridge site. My blogging has evolved over the years. It started as a source of information for family and friends wondering about Kylies medical status. Like a gift from heaven, I learned that this journaling, blogging, whatever your preferred vernacular is, was THE BEST form a therapy for me … EVER. Nothing is more cathartic (to me) then to have THE WORST possible day.. EVER… and laugh about it. Then write about it. And share it with friends and strangers alike, and let them laugh at it too! I love to tell stories. My kids love to give me subjects. My friends laugh till they cry at my not-so-traditional view on life. Stuff like what I write about never happens to other people. And for people that don’t actually know me, one would assume that my stories were fictional. But… alas… much to my chagrin… they are true. And real. And usually involve me getting puked or pooped on by a kid and/or a dog. So, I hope you enjoy this. I hope you smile. Giggle.. Snicker.. snork..guffaw…whatever IT is that you do as a display of enjoyment or happiness…I hope, when you are with me.. that you do IT. Blessings all~H