*just posted today to my momlogic.com blog that I am using to try and spread the word about this blog.*
No.. theyre not ::eye roll:: I just take random children out to restraunts, grocery stores, pediatricians office…etc.Yeah.. thats right.. I just collect kids wandering along the roadside, that just all happen to look EXACTLY like my husband or I and say “Hey, kid, let me take you to Ruby Tuesdays” or ” Hey, kid… need a check up? Maybe some immunizations?” I also,just so happen to drive a 15 passenger Ford E-350 with surf racks. Perfect vehicle for a large family that lives on the Jersey Shore. But really…my real favorite is when people DO ask me “Are they ALL yours?” and I say “yes!” They say.. “NO THEY ARENT!” or ” REEEEEALLLYY???” .So.. my respose? I throw my hands in the air and proclaim “Ya got me.!!.. Im lying!!… they arent all mine” and then walk away… Really. WHO LIES ABOUT THAT????? Yes, we have ten kids. And 5 dogs..and a rabbit but minus a fish recently. And can you believe this part?? WERE ACTUALLY MARRIED AND DID IT ON PURPOSE!!!! Although I must admit, the two eldest boys, 21 and 19, were wedding presents. I got them and a ferret named Stinky on my wedding day. Best wedding gifts EVER! But the next 8… the13,12,11,10,9,8,7,6 year olds…. all my fault…completely. Well.. I had SOME help… not much… but he did his part… lol